AI Advanced Learning Certificate

AI Applications for Health Data

Advanced Learning Certirficate Program at WashU

AI will not replace you, people using AI will.

Goal & Focus

Designed for professionals interested in modern AI technologies and seeking to build skills with AI’s applications to health or other “big data” for their work or research.

Provide hands-on, step-by-step guidance and ample practice opportunities for professionals to learn and apply state-of-the-art AI models to solve real-world health and social problems.




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Course Format

15 weeks, 3 hours per week of instruction

Weekly real world project-based assignment

100% via Zoom

Access to all lecture recordings and programming code

Words From Program Participants...

Thank you for all your training and guidance. I am almost retired, but found myself doing homework at times not realizing it was three AM (and not last minute I promise). I am excited to have a new toolbox to think about my patients and their care.

The topics are novel, and the instructor taught them very well, patiently and professionally.

Thank you very much for Professor An's wonderful teaching! This series of AI classes has benefited me a lot, not only learning a lot of practical models and operation skills, but also giving me a deeper understanding of the construction process of AI models.

Dr. An's profound expertise and dynamic teaching approach make complex concepts accessible and engaging. The practical, hands-on experience gained through this course has significantly accelerated my research, allowing me to leverage AI tools more effectively and confidently. This program is more than just an educational experience; it's an essential update to any researcher's toolkit in the age of big data and AI. For those looking to stay at the forefront of AI applications in health research, this program is a must.

Prof. An's abundant energy, rigorous attitude, and affirmative enthusiasm for learning not only imparted AI modeling skills but also conveyed a sense of encouragement and anticipation. This course has been a transformative journey, breaking down barriers and inspiring me to utilize AI tools to refresh my work. I highly recommend this advanced learning program to anyone seeking a comprehensive grasp of AI applications.

This course is an excellent opportunity for those keen to explore AI, and a valuable update for professionals about recent advancements in AI, including NLP, GANs, and large language models. I have gained technical knowledge that aids my current research, and I recently submitted a research grant, partly inspired by the knowledge acquired from the course. I highly recommend it.

This course has been instrumental in helping me integrate health-related practices with AI. It sparked numerous ideas about harnessing AI to empower social work services in healthcare. For instance, training AI to analyze the text content of online consultations provided to patients and caregivers can significantly enhance the efficiency and standardization of services offered by healthcare providers. This is just one of the many ways the course has opened my eyes to the potential of AI in healthcare. I am deeply grateful for the knowledge and insights gained and look forward to applying them in my field.

Prof. An's AI Applications for Health Data course has equipped me with a valuable tool to tackle the challenges of work in the digital era. After a semester of study, AI is no longer a mystery to me. Prof. An's in-depth teaching and data lab demonstrations have helped me, a programming novice, to master the fundamental ideas and skills of AI data analysis. Throughout the course, I was able to follow the instructions of the lessons, from problem identification to method selection and model programming. As I completed each exercise, my confidence grew. I discovered a passion for AI and am eager to continue learning and applying new knowledge and technology in my future work. Thanks to Professor An and this course, I have discovered my potential and new possibilities. I will begin my own research projects using the methods I learned in this course. Furthermore, I will pay close attention to the ethical issues surrounding the development and application of AI. Although the course has ended, my journey with AI has just begun.

As a professor of operations management at a business school, I find this course to be a very comprehensive and detailed introduction to AI modelling and applications. Therefore, I believe this course will be very helpful to me academically, such as teaching Business Analytics and other quantitative modelling courses, as well as allowing me to explore further possible applications of AI in my research areas. I really appreciate the thoughtful structure of this course and Professor An's excellent teaching, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning AI models and applications. The course will be definitely worth your time and effort!

When I joined the AI class, I had high level of interest and curiosity and yet zero knowledge and skills on coding! The course was fast paced, very intellectually challenging, and stimulating. This was such a steep learning curve for me that tested my resilience, but I am glad that I made it to the finish line and did not quit along the way. I learnt so much about artificial intelligence and applications in health. I can now say that my interest and curiosity in AI is still high, and additionally, my skills and knowledge on coding and AI are not at zero! This course has opened my interest in AI as a research dimension that I want to pivot towards. I am looking forward to learning more on this field and applying what I have learned so far to my research.

Dr. An’s course provides an approachable grounding in the underlying theory of AI applications and introduces a wealth of cutting-edge practices for researchers interested in using AI to further their health research. As a social work researcher, I see the field reckoning with how to best leverage AI to advance health equity. Having a foundational understanding of AI is essential to respond to this question and this foundation is what the AI applications for Health Data Learning Certificate provides.

This course has been an invaluable resource in my exploration of applied AI. The instructor's thorough preparation was evident, offering an array of example codes and datasets. The course's standout feature was its comprehensive coverage of topics, accommodating both beginners like myself and those with a foundational understanding of AI. Unlike previous AI training workshops I attended, which were either too basic or too advanced, this certificate program struck the perfect balance, providing me with a robust platform for further exploration and deeper learning. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and application of AI in health-related fields.

My experience with the 'Artificial Intelligence Applications for Health Data' course at Washington University in St. Louis' Brown School was nothing short of transformative. Despite the daunting task of covering both machine learning and deep learning in a mere 16 weeks, the course was meticulously structured, making the challenge exhilarating rather than overwhelming. What stood out for me was the hands-on approach, which not only solidified my understanding but also significantly boosted my professional skills. Each week, I found myself applying new, impactful knowledge in my work, a testament to the practicality and relevance of the course content. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone eager to advance their AI skills in the healthcare sector. It's a rigorous journey, but the rewards are immediate and profound.

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the incredibly insightful Artificial Intelligence course you provided over the past 15 weeks. The journey from basics to advanced concepts was exceptionally well-structured, making it accessible for a beginner like me. The course was not only interesting but also informative, and I feel well-prepared to embark on my AI journey. Thank you for your excellent guidance and for making this learning experience truly enriching.

I think the AI course Dr. An leads is fantastic. In a fairly short period of time, he is able to cover an incredible breadth of machine learning topics, ranging from more traditional "shallow" machine learning methods to state of the art deep learning techniques related to computer vision and large language models. I think the course also does an excellent job of balancing the need to provide an effective conceptual overview with sufficient detail on programming techniques to actually implement these methods in practice. The course provides participants with the skills needed to use a variety of machine learning methods, and for me, to also collaborate effectively with computer scientists working to push the boundaries of these methods. I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to grow their skills in machine learning.

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Course Design

Weeks 1-2: Diving into Data Science

- Unveiling the mystery of AI
- Laying the groundwork with Python coding
- Mastering data wrangling with NumPy and Pandas
- Bringing data to life with Matplotlib visualization

Weeks 3-7: Harnessing Machine Learning Applications

- Tackling classification tasks
- Demystifying regression tasks
- Empowering model training and validation
- Exploring the power of support vector machines
- Unfolding decision trees
- Discovering ensembles like Random Forest and XGBoost
- Grasping dimensionality reduction
- Delving into unsupervised learning
- Revealing the power of autoML

Weeks 8-15: Venturing into Deep Learning Applications

- Establishing a solid foundation with neural networks
- Immersing in computer vision: From convolutional neural networks to image classification, object detection, image segmentation, image generation, and more
- Embracing natural language processing: Learn about Transformers neural networks, sentiment analysis, natural language generation, text summarization, question-answering systems, text translation, chatbot, prompt engineering, and more
- Introducing recommender systems
- Forecasting with time series data
- Creating synthetic data to facilitate research and analysis

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