AI Innovations to Advance the Social Good

Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis

Programs and Products We Proudly Offer...

AI & Big Data Certificate

A series of courses on Python programming, data ethics, and applied machine/deep learning.

Advanced Learning Certificate

A semester-long course on hands-on AI applications to address real-world problems, from zero to hero.

Workshop Series

Learn state-of-the-art AI tools to supercharge one's research and boost self-learning.

AI Interest Group

Peer support and presentations on cutting-edge AI models and tools to ride the crest of the AI wave.

Open Classroom Talks

Disseminate crucial AI insights and technological know-how to empower the public.

Application Development

Develop innovative AI applications to facilitate research and enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

AI Policies

Track AI policies implemented at top universities in the United States to inform decision-making.

Scientific Publications

Scientific discoveries that promote the use of AI to enhance people's health and social outcomes.

Brown School Strategic Plan 2020-2030

Data Science and Technology to Advance the Social Good

Goal 1

Grow leadership in data science and technology for social good.

Goal 2

Advance state-of-the-art technology-related educational programs for students, staff, faculty, and community partners.

Goal 3

Support the growth of multidisciplinary research focused on data and technology.

AI is not just a tool, it is a catalyst to revolutionize how we teach, learn, and explore in academia.

Ruopeng An, PhD

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Deliver AI workshops, seminars, or lectures.

Grant Consultation

Consult AI & data science for grant applications.

Paper Consultation

Consult AI & data science for paper development.